Is it Time to Re-Slot Your Warehouse?

Overtime many changes can occur that will affect warehouse productivity in such a way that the original slotting setup might no longer be the most optimal. These changes can include changes in SKU stock or velocity, new products, discontinued products, new trends in the industry, new technology, etc. It is important to identify signs that your warehouse is in need of a re-slot.

The questions below will help you determine if your warehouse operations could benefit from a new warehouse slotting implementation (often referred to as a warehouse re-slot). If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then your warehouse is likely to benefit from a warehouse re-slotting project.

  • Do you have plans to build a new warehouse, expand and/or retrofit your current warehouse?
  • Are you stressed for warehouse space to properly store product?
  • Do you have insufficient storage systems to meet inventory needs?
  • Are you having problems with collapsed racking and product damage?
  • Would you like to optimize your picking and putaway strategies?
  • Is travel time accounting for more than half of pick replenishment labor hours?
  • Are you experiencing “bottlenecks” in your pick paths?
  • Are pick rates not in line with industry standards?


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