Why choose WarehouseVision over other slotting software?

1. Emphasis on integrating the warehouse slotting profile funtion into normal warehouse operations as much as possible

  • Modular Design
  • Minimal User Interface
  • User Defined "Shortcuts"

2. Integration into existing WMS or ERP System

  • Ability to monito both inbound and outbount activities
  • Ability to create stored procedures to interface/update the host WMS or ERP System

3. Monitor inbound and outbound activities without user intervention

  • Ability to send updates to host system on a ongoing basis
  • Ability to run nightly reports or processing
  • Ability to send emails and alerts

4. Dynamically create true base simulation models without the need for costly simulation modeling.

  • Provides true simulation view not just graphical representation of static information
  • Ability to be upgraded to more complex modeling requirements