Maintaining Warehouse Space Utilization

The maintenance of a warehouse and its stocking strategy is one of the most difficult tasks confronting a facility. In addition to maintaining inventory placement compatible with the inbound and out bound processes, it is also important to constantly strive for maximum space utilization within a warehouse. Without proper warehouse management, a cycle of inefficiency is inevitable. Items become misplaced, wasting valuable warehouse space, and resulting in fewer or improper items in prime picking areas. This cycle, if left unchanged will begin to have a direct impact on a warehouse's inbound and outbound efficiency.

WVAuditor is a tool that will assist in identifying areas for improvement in the warehouse inventory storage. WVAuditor has been designed to audit the space utilization of inventory for a number of actions.

WarehouseVision Dashboard for WVAuditor

The Warehouse Auditing Process

In the auditing process, WVAuditor focuses on both the inventory levels and warehouse space requirements. Each item is analyzed to determine if its current placement is still compatible with the storage and stocking strategies that have been adopted. It is directly tied in with the WMS to look at quantity on hand and inventory activity. By looking at these values, WVAuditor may suggest that a product be moved.

WVAuditor is configured to review each item on multiple levels to ensure optimal placement and space utilization of the warehouse. Factors can include:

  • Is the current location of the item proper for its level of activity?
  • Is the item's classification or hazardous rating compatible to the current location of the item?
  • Does the item have multiple locations within the warehouse, and can the item be consolidated to a single location?
  • Can the warehouse space utilization be improved by relocating the item to a different storage location or configuration?
  • Are the equipment requirements of the item compatible with the current location assignment?

In addition to WVAuditor, WarehouseVision has the ability to slot new items that come into your warehouse that do not already have a specific location. WarehouseVision will look at these new items and compare them with available locations and space requirements to determine the optimal placement available.