WVSystemMonitor - ERP/WMS Integration with Slotting Software

WVSystemMonitor is a real time reporting tool that ensures the critical connection between your WMS/ERP system and WarehouseVision is up and running. While most WMS systems have a features that account for slotting, many companies have found that WarehouseVision provides a more detailed and effecitve approach to developing and implementing warehouse slotting strategies that maximinze productivity. In order for WarehouseVision to be successful it must be able to integrate with existing and new ERP/WMS systems. WVSystemMonitor delivers an effective user interface and automated functionality that will allow for proper ERP/WMS Integration.

ERP/WMS Integration with Warehousevision Software

  • System Heartbeat - Is the WMS/ERP System connected to WahouseVisionand and running?
  • Monitor Detail - Displays real time activity between WarehouseVision and the WMS/ERP System
  • Download Summary - Displays what has been transferred from the WM/ERP System into WarehouseVision
  • Upload Summary - Display what has been transferred from WarehouseVision into the WMS/ERP System
  • Log File - History summary of all WarehouseVision system activitiy